Can we live without everything but that which is essential?


If you were asked what, out of all the possessions which varnish your life, are essential and indispensable, what would you say?

In a world where our identity doesn’t last forever we hold onto our possessions as our lives are recast against their image.

Spending money in languid displays because this is the reality where the external face matters.

The image of your carefully poised champagne glass. The way your success sparkles on Instagram. A rolex kissed wrist. The car that’s worth more than a year’s salary.

Where winning is a reality which doesn’t exist but for that which we can see, touch, own.

Lacklustre products become the yardsticks of our success.

Corporates know we run in packs. If they sell to one of us, they’ve sold to us all.

Dazzled by consumer choices in a kaleidoscope of ironic consumption pointing towards a loss of real and meaningful choices.

Naturalised into thinking this is human nature. Breeding competition and envy.

Do you feel left out?

Are your needs met?

We’re bombarded by aspirational living. Makeovers that will change your life. Contoured celebrities. Designer purses. Fake tans. Big houses. Expensive schools. Desperate housewives promoted from every remote corner of the States communicating what it takes to be a real woman in 2016. Celebrities creating desires and needs relating to clothes and ways of life fueled by money and consumption. Content that you’ve got the most elegant diamond until instagram flashes a picture of that girl whose diamonds shine brighter than yours. And the cloned aspiration cycle churns into action again in a system which is allegedly supposed to have been designed to meet human needs. Brand ambitions selling their version of the good life. The version that sticks.

If we peel back the excess in our lives would we still recognise ourselves?

Is it possible that we could we live without everything but that which is essential?

Where things that are all the rage are not for sale.



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