Please don’t go to Langkawi & find my secret beach


In Langkawi

I fell in love

with a secret beach that

became my own.



My days fell into nets

cast against hedonistic tides and white powdered sands.




In the kisses of the crystalline warm turquoise waters I swam

snorkeling to worlds remote

returning to the cove of the secret white sands



to gaze at fishing boats which gently rocked in the sleepy waters.

I was lulled into paradise’s rhythm.



I wandered bare foot

in the heat of lazy afternoons

drinking the juice from fresh coconuts

and eating sizzling spiced meats wrapped in banana leaves.




Searching for shade’s gentle breeze

I walked through the green palms

which kissed the crescent shaped bay

and through the glassy green cushioned fields




but I’d always return


to see the sky light up in flames.

And as darkness descended

hovering fireflies lit up the night

to guide me home

to my beach hut

where I’d sleep deeply

away from the world’s hub-bub.




I tried to leave this secret beach

I really did

but I couldn’t

and I fell into this regular rhythm.

And as the sun rose and fell

through each passing day

this beach stayed




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