Kuala Lumpur – a city that should be on your bucket list




Malaysia Truly Asia is home to Kuala Lumpur or as the locals call it ‘KL’.

KL is not really a destination that pops up on many peoples bucket list, right?

But damn this city is impressive.


photo 1 (3)_Fotor21


Think Singapore except




bigger and brasher, without the foreign lawyers and bankers and definitely more Asian.




If you’re looking for Asia’s most ethnically and culturally diverse city then this is it.


photo 1 (7)_Fotor54


At KLIA you’ll be greeted by cheery ‘Selamat Datangs’ and waved through immigration.




Hop on the KLIA express.


photo 2 (5)_Fotor38


You’ll pay approximately $7 and will arrive in downtown KL in under 30 minutes.


photo 1 (6)_Fotor36


In KL, walk through the city streets




And you’ll find


DSC00077_Fotor kl7


Hawkers thriving




Colonial buildings reigning dormant against towering skyscrapers


photo 2 (3)_Fotor28


Roll through glitzy,  space-age shopping malls which shelter designer threads and boutique beds


photo 4 (3)_Fotor30


then eat nasi lemak in Little India against a backdrop of bangra beats.


photo 1 (4)_Fotor26


When the heat gets too much, hop on the skytrain and fly through the heat and congestion above wide highways.




KL’s a city of contrasts




chaotic but organised




modern yet traditional.


photo 5 (1)_Fotor23


Where you’ll find grand Malaysian architectural achievements sitting next to traditional Chinese shop-houses.




and money dripping testament to Malaysia’s economic power.


photo 4 (4)_Fotor50


A place where the big and the bold unfolds


photo 2 (6)_Fotor87


Against the gritty, raw feel of local life.


DSC00104_Fotorkl 11


Markets brimming with fruits and fresh fish will sate your hunger.




Malaysia has a tropical climate. When it rains it pours. Remember this or, like me, you’ll learn the hard way not to wear white…




KL is a place where life moves fast and kindness flows.




A heady mix of cultural and religious traditions.




A city which celebrates diversity.


photo 1 (5)_Fotor hh

Where an outsider can do her best to try and understand.




In KL, I tossed my plans into the wind and lived off the city’s pulse.




Ya, this place basically rocks.




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